Sunday, January 23, 2011

DS Case Details

So after posting yesterday's blog update, I set about finishing the DS case. 
I seamed the sides and also part of the pocket opening so that the DS and plastic game holder would fit more snugly in its pocket.  And since the openings were a tad shallow, I added some single crochet trim 'round the opening.  Don't want the game holder or DS to accidentally slip out--that would be very, very bad.

Like the red?  My son thought it looked cool with the grey.  Used the same contrasting red colour for the wrap-around cords.  The instructions called for straight knitting of 3 picked-up stitches, but it was easier to just work I-cord on double-pointed needles--and of course I got carried away and made them a wee bit too long **sigh**  I guess I'll know better for the second case :S

Case with DS and Game Holder Inside

Be honest: doesn't this case deserve googly eyes?  I can almost hear it muttering, "Feed me!"

The recipient of the case chose his own buttons from my lovely collection.  Over the year I've amassed a bag full of lovely and interesting buttons (someday I must photograph it).  Even though I preferred black ones, my older boy went for metallic ones.  I think it looks right pretty--and vaguely creature-like, n'est pas?

Finished DS Case

I'm not sure if I ever posted a link to the free pattern?  You can find details here at the Ravelry pattern page (lots of other knitters have made the project).  Or just head over to the free pattern at the designer's blog Crayon Disaster

Now to get back to my own knitting . . .  


  1. It really does look like a little creature. Maybe it's saying "Rawr, I will eat all your free time with my wonderful games!" hehe

  2. Haha, that's a much better phrase! Video games can eat up lots of time. :)


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