Saturday, January 22, 2011

He Did It!

My boy persevered and finally finished the DS case for his brother--well, he finished the knitting part.  I'll have to seam it for him.  It's a wee bit too wide--not sure how we're gonna fix that . . . .
Semi-finished DS Case
Nevertheless, he was proud of himself--and rightly so!  Even his brother was excited (the older fella really wanted a DS case).  Flush with accomplishment, my little guy promptly cast-on for his own DS case (with momma's  help).  This time he's using stripes.
DS Case Number Two
The idea of playing with colours blew his mind away, especially when he realized how easy it was.  Since I've got loads of leftovers (mostly Bernat Softee Chunky), there's lots of colour choices.  Right now he's gonna follow his heart and just ad-lib the striping.  It certainly looks interesting and he's already got 7" completed.  This second DS case might be a quick knit.


  1. That's great! My son used a felted clutch I made for his DS case. You can see it here:

    I look forward to seeing you the next knitting group!

  2. Cool DS case Allison! Neat that your son thought it was cool too. I'm sure the felted fabric would provide great cushion for the DS.

    Hope to see you at next knit night too :)


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