Saturday, July 24, 2010


Un-knitting: the process of tinking back your work, one stitch at a time, to correct an error; knitting "in reverse" and thus unraveling one's work.

So I resurrected a long hibernating project: my beloved Blue Sprout (first posted about it well over a year ago.  And I also referenced it here).  Last summer, I was making good progress, but then I started working on Xmas gifts.  Then came the blogging gig for Bernat and I had even less time.  So poor Blue Sprout waited in hibernation until . . . this week. 

All the pieces of my SuperMario Toads were complete and even my Bernat project was nearing completion.  I needed something to work on.  And it had to be knitting.  What to do?   What to make?  Blue Sprout to the rescue (the Sprout pattern, designed by Amy King, is offered for free on her website--in case you were wondering).
Sleeves Finally Separated From Body

When I abandoned my project, I was about an inch short from separating the sleeves from the body.  After working on it a bit each day this week, I finally separated the sleeves on Friday.  Hurray! 

Then I noticed a boo-boo--a big one too.  I cast-on my underarm stitches in a place other than under the arms (in my defence, I was talking to a friend and not paying attention . . . ).  Worse yet, I worked almost two rows before realizing my error.  Un-knitting almost 2x200 stitches is not fun--not one bit!
Cable Detail

But it is fixed and being the knitting soldier that I am, I shall tarry onward 'cuz that what knitters do. ;)

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  1. Oh, how frustrating. I tell my husband that if it wasn't for all the "unknitting" I do, I would get so much more knitting done. LOL. Good for you for soldiering on.


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