Monday, July 19, 2010

Stitching Up Toad

So I started assembling the pieces of one toad.  First, I attached the stuffed mushroom cap to the head using regular white sewing thread.  Looks almost invisible.
Toad's Head

Doesn't his head remind you of an acorn--a rather large one at that?  I used two mushroom stitches to every one head stitch (I pinned everything first).  Then I stuffed and attached the body.
Toad Has a Body

I used tan coloured embroidery floss to attach body to head.  It's barely visible.  My only complaint is that I should have used a smaller hook  (maybe 4.0mm instead of 5.0mm) 'cuz the stuffing is visible through the tan body (although I doubt it will work its way out).  But the boys don't mind (at least, I don't think they even noticed).

Then I attached the vest and arms using red thread.
Toad Dressed Up

I have yet to attach the feet, but I think I'll assemble the other toad before going any further. 

Lovin' the toadie goodness! ;D


  1. that's hilarious -- you are definitely going to win the mother of the year award on this one!

  2. The boys already love their toads, even without a face! Next up will be Mario and Luigi, LOL! ;)


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