Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summertime Festivities

There has been crafting (including ripping and re-knitting, but can't show you that 'cuz its for Bernat blog).  The toads are coming along--very slowly.  The hot sticky weather drains all my energy at the end of the day.  So I'm takin' her easy.

Lots of stuff going on in town this weekend with Highland Games.  Its a big cultural event drawing lots of tourists to the area (this year marks 147 years running which makes it the longest consecutive running highland games outside of Scotland.  Canada has only been a country for 143 years, so the event is older than the country). 

First we walked on campus at our local university 'cuz it's so pretty (I get to walk through it often with my toddlers, but hubby and the boys aren't on campus too often).
The Boys Following Their Dad

Campus Gardens

I always thought the campus was pretty.  In fact, I'd dare say town looks lovely during the summer with all the pretty hanging baskets and flower boxes.  It really is very quaint and welcoming.

After our little jaunt 'round campus, we found a nice shady spot under the trees to watch the annual Highland Games Parade.  
Kids Waiting for Parade to Start

The boys enjoyed all the piping bands.  I like them too.

RCMP Piping Band

Another Band on Parade

There's nothing so mournful as hearing all those pipes wailing and the drums pounding in your ears . . . very neat!  And its a big social outing too: feels as if all of town comes out for the parade.  Beside, fun to run into friends and acquaintances.  

Hope your weekend is filled with summertime fun.  Have a good one!


  1. looks like an awesome day! i love pipe bands too. i love hearing them ALL play at once.


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