Sunday, July 18, 2010

Magazines Galore

Well, maybe not that many . . . but there are knitting magazines.  A lovely surprise arrived in the mail the other day.  I ripped open the envelope and found the summer issue of Knitter's Magazine.
Spring and Summer Knitter's Magazine

Back in May, my brother-in-law had gifted me a year's subscription for my birthday (perhaps I had neglected to mention it)?  He had included the spring issue, but it takes time to process new subscriptions.  There was a chance I would miss the summer issue. . .  Happily I was wrong.

And while we're on the topic of magazines, I managed to pick up the fall issue of Knit Simple (still my favorite knitting magazine 'cuz of the lovely projects--both simple and stylish-- and the large sizing).  There are some nice sweaters (although with the current heat wave, it's hard to think about sweaters).
Fall 2010 of Knit Simple

There are some nice items in the issue, but my fave are the cardigans.  The one I absolutely love is worked in the round.  Check it out:

Seed Stitch Cardigan

Ah, the knitter's perennial lament: so much to make; so little time.

Happy crafting :)


  1. I like that cardigan in the round too. I'm making my first sweater for me right now. This one is one where you take your measurements and knit to fit. I need larger sizes too and it's great to find patterns sized right that are cute and flattering as well.

  2. That's awesome Jackie that you're making your first sweater!

    I agree that it is sometimes hard to find cute items sized for the bigger gal. At least it is easier to find plus-size patterns--'cuz I know I'm not getting smaller anytime soon, LOL. :)


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