Monday, July 26, 2010

Fungi Friends

New Fungi Friends

So my boys finally have some new playmates: meet Toad and his brother Toad (if you've ever played Super Mario, you'll notice that sometimes there are numerous Toad-like characters in various colours.  That was the inspiration for my different coloured fungi)
Toad and Toad

They were "quick" projects in that the pieces were small and easy to make.  Perhaps I could have finished these sooner had I not dreaded the "finishing" process--darning in the ends, sewing the pieces together and embroidering the face. 
All Felt Eyes on Blue Toad

I must confess that the most "fiddly" part of the whole process was working the face.  I must have re-done the mouth  5 or 6 times before getting it right (I recommend black sock yarn to make the mouth.  DK/Sport is still too thick and embroidery floss was too thin).  The eyes, too, were a challenge (I recommend embroidering the white highlight). 
Embroidered White on Black for Red Toad

Still, not bad for my first crocheted toys.  I do plan to eventually make Mario and Luigi.  I even found a cute Yoshi pattern too--but that is for the future.  Next up . . . .

Hmmmm, let me ponder that one for a bit. ;)


  1. oh, very cute. I'm sure your boys are thrilled. Great job!!

  2. Thanks Wool-Free :) The boys do love their new Toad pals.


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