Friday, January 29, 2010

So Bad . . .

Instead of working on something currently on the needles, what do I do?  Cast on for something new, of course!  Generally I'm a fairly monogamous knitter, with perhaps 1-2 projects on the go at most (usually something big and a smaller, more portable project).  Since early fall, I've been itching to make a particular item and I could resist no more.

While looking for scraps for mittens, I found just enough to make my desired item. Guess which yarn I'm using?  More Bernat Softee Chunky (I swear I'm addicted to this stuff.  The nicest locally-available acrylic EVER--although Bernat Chunky is very nice too). 
Softee Chunky in demin ombre

They're leftovers (about a ball and half's worth) from my modified Short-Sleeved Ribbed CardiUsing two circulars, I'm got a nice circle growing.

"Mystery" Project in Progress

Have it figured out yet? I'm making a beret--my first ever if you don't count the wee itty bitty one I made for one of my boys teddy bear. 

Not everyone likes to wear hats, but for me it is a necessity.  I'm still walking to work every day, so my poor old head needs protection from bitter winds (although I must confess it has been an unusually mild January as far as east coast winters go).  And at work I'm outside with my toddlers just about every day for at least an hour.  Me head needs warmth!

My current hat is also a beret that came with matching mittens (a present from my mother-in-law a few years ago). 
Pink Beret with Matching Mittens

But I grow weary of the pale pink (and the hat is itchy too). Besides, it never hurts to have an extra hat handy, as I discovered one day when the pink beret went AWOL.  So in the interest of all that is warm, soft and fuzzy, I am making a hat!

Long live hat head! :)


  1. i say strike while the knitting inspiration is hot! who cares what's on the (other) needles -- what matters is what you want to get done ;-)
    a girl after my own heart, acrylic-girl!

  2. Hehe! Thanks for the encouragement, Knitinsage.


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