Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Day Slippers

Had to share 'cuz this project is a quick one.  This morning I finished a pair of slippers that I only started last night!

My littlest one desperately needed new slippers.  The old ones were a little holey in the soles.  And I've been delaying the start of another slipper project 'cuz I'm busily working on a big project for Bernat (which I want to finish ASAP).  Luckily I stumbled upon this pattern through Ravelry;  it's called Aunt Maggie's Slippers.  And I am amazed that I was able to finish the project sooo quickly!

I used Phentex yarn because its so durable.  Have you tried Phentex Craft and Slipper yarn?  That stuff is strong but a pain to knit with; it splits like crazy and even gets caught on rough skin!  So I paired it with a generic worsted acrylic (See the supper big ball of white stuff?  That's just over 2 pounds worth!). 

Don't know if it was the pattern, the pairing of the two yarns or the larger needles, but this project was easy-peasy.  What a great pick-me-up!

Happy knitting!

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