Saturday, February 1, 2014

About That Sock . . .

Remember that modified Aquaphobia sock from the holidays? It's been slow going ('cuz I only work on it at naptime), but slowly the sock grows.  
Colourful Sock
It started off badly: my first attempt was a misread; the second attempt failed in the mathematics department; my third attempt was too big and loose.  Fourth one was the right one.  
Detail of Slip-Stitch Pattern
For a yarn that pools badly, this pattern is doing wonders.  Seriously!  It looks like colourful crayons stacked neatly.  Very pretty (if I do say so myself).
I've stuck to my usual 32-stitch flap-heel.  I think the slip-stitch heel adds strength to the heel, although I am intrigued by short-row heels (not enough to work short-rows with wrap-and-turn stitches).

Sadly I've got other projects on the brain, so my sock may take a backseat.  That's okay.  It's all good, right?


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