Friday, February 21, 2014

More Colour

That's what I need: more colour!

So for Christmas I got a new winter coat--more of a ski jacket in bright teal with neon lime trim.  How to accessorize?  I had been using white, but it couldn't compete with the flashy teal.  Then a happy accident occurred.  While shopping, I tried on a pair of inexpensive purple gloves--whilst wearing my coat.  Viola!  I was in love!  Teal and purple looked awesome together.  Throw in some neon lime and it still works.
Vibrant Colour Combo
Now that I had the perfect colour combo, I had to find an equally awesome pattern to showcase the colours.    Knitty to the rescue!  The free pattern (Three Tams by Angela Sixian Wu) is a beret-like hat with a deceptively easy two-colour pattern.  My only mod was to alternate the second colour with the third while keeping purple as my main colour. 
Start of Colourful Tam
What do ya think?  Nice?  I love it. The vibrancy and vividness is just what this girl needs in the middle of the dull, grey days that accompany February's wintery blasts.
Hat Details
I just hope there'll be enough yarn leftover to make a matching cowl ('cuz a scarf might be too boring).  And maybe even some mittens?  Now that would be nice.


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