Friday, February 14, 2014

Cheery and Bright

Amidst the gloom of wintery grey weather, I'm working on bright and cheery baby stuff.
The hat went rather quickly--worked on it mostly during naptime whilst my toddlers slept.  I've made this hat twice already--hard to beat a practical and equally cute pattern.  Its Berry Baby Hat (Rav link).  The only 2 mods were to include a ribbed brim( instead of a rolled one--personal preference) and addition of  8 extra stitches after the ribbing.  I used Red Heart Smoothie which feels like a silky cotton but is actually 100% acrylic.  The spring-like colours have a nice sheen and a soft hand. 
Right now I'm working on some matching booties.  I'm using Bernat Baby Booties (Rav link) which has easy-to-follow instructions.  The plan is to add some green trim 'round the cuff so the items will match.  The recipient isn't due till April, so I hope to add either a second hat or matching socks . . . not sure which yet.



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