Monday, May 20, 2013

Trying to Finish . . .

My dishcloth diversions have been quick, small projects.  Now my thoughts have turned to larger, long-standing WIPs.  I'm been looking through them and decided to commit myself to finishing as many as possible.  Granted there are not too many relative to other knitters (hubby thinks I'm easily distracted, but there are knitters out there with loads more WIPs than me).
Finished Man-Sized Non-Felted Slipper
First off, there's hubby's slippers.  I had only to seam the bottoms and sides (and of course the ends had to be woven in).  The fit in the foot is good, but it needs more height 'round the ankle.  I think next time I use this pattern for man-sized feet, I'll have to add more rounds on the cuff.

There's an afghan I wanna finish, a teddy bear and a cardigan (it only needs one sleeve and button bands).  There is a woolen sock, but that can wait till late summer (since I probably won't need it till fall).  I'd love to make another baby cardi for my other niece but . . . Must. Stay. Focused!

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