Monday, May 13, 2013

Dishcloth Desires

Yeah, sometimes its the simplest item that brings out the creative side . . . especially if you've got a nice collection of scrap yarns, namely in cottons (mine are mostly Bernat Handicrafter Cotton).

I've already regaled you with laundry and water mishaps concerning my dishcloths.  Some have had to go the way of the trash can (it's pretty bad when a dishcloth can't even find a second career as a cleaning cloth).
First dishcloth in blue and white
To that end I started with one dishcloth (incidentally I really loved the contrast of blue against white . . . until the hard water got a hold it--grrrrrrr!).

That dishcloth led to another whose colour combo was less than exciting or even inspiring . . . 
Second cloth in less inspiring yellow and blue
Until I discovered a small stash of colourful scraps hiding out in the black hole known as my craft closet (I gotta re-organize my stuff, but I've been busy "spring-cleaning"  the dressers and closets) . . . 
Cotton Stash
Just love, love, love the colour combo (although there are lotta ends to weave).  Gotta make more in these colours and maybe even experiment with a different stitch pattern like a stripey waffle pattern.  I'll keep you posted.
Pretty Finished Dishlcoth
Have a good week!


  1. I love that combination of colors in your new dishcloth. I use my ballband dish cloth as a shower scrubby at the gym. It's just the right amount of scrubbiness

    1. Yeah, that colour combo is hard to beat ;). And I agree: the ballband dishcloth has the right amount of scrubbiness.

  2. love your color combo -- enough to make one smile when it's time to do the dishes!

    1. If I gotta do dishes (and I do most nights), I might has well look at cheery colours. ;)


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