Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunshine and Such . . .

Ever have one of those days when you drop your knitting in the corner and venture outside? A day where the sun beckons you outdoors?  Well, this was one of those weekends, with glorious blue skies and warm sunshine.
Clothes drying outside
The clothes ventured on to the line for the first time since last fall.  So nice to wear clothes dried outside--they smell so fresh like sun on skin or freshly cut grass.
Front garden
And I finally managed to clean out the flower garden out front.  Lots of  broken branches and debris leftover from winter.  Life has sprung anew as the garden slowly awakens from its winter slumber: everything is sprouting, including the weeds!  
Dwarf Red Tulips
The garden looks so sparse.  I can hardly wait to get myself to the garden centre in search of new plants and flowers to fill in the empty spaces . . . 

Have a good week!

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