Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Beginning of . . .

A new friend. It's been so long since I've shown any updates to my "Iggy" project.  He was started early September.  
Body In Progress
Soon his head and body were completed . . . In fact, it was a matter of days!

Doesn't he have quite the happy face? And he already has a friend waiting for him.
Eggy Already Loves Iggy
I've introduced Eggy before (Rav link).  He is patiently waiting for Iggy's completion so he can finally have a cephalopod friend to play with. 

Sadly his tentacles are . . . well, they just don't exist.  At least not yet.  

I started them.  Well, I started one tentacle and I got as far two stripes.  I was trying to work them in the round, but I had forgotten how to hide the colour jog created by changing colours in the round. I need to find some how-to videos online.

Meanwhile there are other more pressing projects needing my attention.


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