Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little Diversion--Geek Style

Yeah, I've been busy . . . 

School work has been manageable, but there's a bit of reading.  There's also a research paper and everyone loves those (not!).  It wouldn't be too bad if I didn't have a full-time job and a family.  And when am I supposed to knit? :S

Don't worry.  I'm slipping in some fun too.  We indulged and hit Hal-Con last weekend--our first ever!  So much to see and do, especially if you're a comic book fan, love video games or appreciate all things creative.  It was awesome!  

We didn't do the costume thing this year--as it was our first time.  But rest assured we will dressed up next year.  Check out some of the other creative attendees:
Darth Maul
Superheroes and Villans:
Spidey, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy
I expected lots of vendors, but I was surprised with all the neat stuff to buy (coming from a small town, it was neat to find many original items and collectibles).  And I was fairly impressed with the sheer number of workshops and info sessions available with well-known comic artists, novelists, actors and speakers (my fave was the one about how to survive the zombie apocalypse).  There was also some live entertainment, from medieval combat to a cute tongue-and-cheek performance by Halifax Circus.  And of course, a costume contest! 
Harley Quinn performs aerial acrobats

Medieval Knights in battle
We've already marked off the dates for next year's convention (checkout the official Hal-Con website).  Get your geek on!  Oh yeah! ;)

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