Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pretty Baby . . .

She'll be a pretty baby dressed up in her new ensemble. Of course, the intended recipient has yet to be born (she's got less than two weeks to join us, but she's probably following her own timeline--hee,hee). 
Finished Baby Cardigan with Matching Hat
Very pleased with the yarn.  It's Red Heart's Smoothie.  And I gotta confess it was smooth, with a silky touch; I would have sworn it was cotton, but the thing is 100% acrylic.  Only the white yarn was different: its Bernat's Baby Cakes (still lamenting its discontinuation).

And of course the patterns were awesome.  The hat was a modification of Berry Hat.  You'll notice that the one pictured above is slightly different than the one I shared a few weeks back.  The first version got unraveled: the stripes were all "wrong"!  Using a smaller needle size, I "picked up" the correct number of stitches and then just ripped, ripped, ripped . . . 
"Picking up" Stitches
Unraveled Hat

Then I started up the stripes so that they better matched the cardigan striping.  I think the re-do looks much better.  
Lotta Buttons
As for the cardigan, I loved the easy pattern.  My only confusion came when working the sleeves.  Since I had experience with many a top-down pattern, I just followed my instincts.  The only thing hard about the pattern was choosing the buttons!  Thank heavens for my extensive button collection:  lots of choice, but in the end the heart shaped ones were the better  match.  Besides, they slipped in and out of the buttonholes with ease--something a busy mom might appreciate if baby isn't being too cooperative.
Concentric Circles Cardigan
I'm certain the recipient will enjoy the set.  I think mom will like it too.  Time to get the thing wrapped and mailed in the next few days . . . 

On to another project . . . 

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