Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh Baby!

Yup, there are babies in the foreseeable future--not my babies.  Just nieces (or nephews).  So I thought I'd start a few baby knits.

Cute Stripey Hat
This is the Berry Baby Hat (Rav link), but I've modified the design by adding stripes.  It was supposed to resemble the cardigan a little.  Sadly I goofed up the stripes. Only after starting the cardi did I realize my error: the new colour of the stripe is supposed to be worked as a purl, not a knit.  I may have to rip back to the pink section and redo the striping ('cuz it'll bug me that the stripes don't match).
Circular Yoke Baby Cardigan
Pictured above is the start of the cardigan (and I'm farther along).  The pattern, called Concentric Stripes Cardigan, is free (another Rav link): very cute circular yoke sweater that requires very little yarn (it's newborn size).  When finished, I imagine it'll be tiny.  Maybe my niece will only wear it for a month.  Guess I'll have to make her another sweater.  If that's the sacrifice I must make . . . Have I mentioned how much I enjoy making baby knits?  :D

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