Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Knitting

Garter Surprise Progress
My Garter Surprise is getting there. I finally reached Block 9--yippee! New colour change and with it comes intarsia (not my most fave technique). At least the end is in sight (ha! famous last words).
Soleil Tank Revisited
And I tried to finish my Soleil Tank. After seaming the shoulders, I tried it on and . . . too short (although the fit is quite good)! Since I've got leftover yarn, I'm adding a couple of repeats. I picked up from the garter cast-on edge and am working the pattern upside down (after adding another 20 stitches so that the lower edge will be a large instead of a medium). Hope this "experiment" works.
It's not a hat; it's an octopus!
And I started another project. Of course! This project is a special request from one of my "babies" (who soon will be 12, but just loves the toys I make. So there.). It's one of those "dastardly cephalopods" (seriously, you should check out our website 'cuz its funny when toys have adventures). We hit the local general store that carries a decent selection of colours. My son was quite pleased to pick out his own colours. Now he's patiently waiting for his "friend" to come to life. This is the fun part of knitting. I love it when recipients appreciate your hard work. That's the good stuff.


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  1. ooh, it's all so lovely. Especially love your blanket -- gorgeous!


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