Saturday, September 8, 2012

Garden's Bounty

Have you seen our garden's bounty? All along we've been enjoying lettuce (of which there is no more) and loads of yellow and green beans (may of which were parboiled and frozen). 
Right now we're harvesting veggies: lots of potatoes, some tomatoes, beets and turnips.  The potatoes didn't do as well as we had hoped--we think the ground was too wet; we suspect there's an underground spring under the potato patch.
The beets, onions, turnips and parsnips are doing very well.  We've had to thin some plants out.  It's a learning experience, so we'll know better for next year.
Parsnips and Turnips
There's more to come.  Check out our little corn patch!  We've sampled some and it was good--very sweet, tender and fresh.  
Corn Patch
The broccoli is coming up nicely.  If the weather holds, we might just have broccoli to harvest in a month's time.
Little Broccoli
And finally we've got pumpkins--lots of pumpkins! (I made sure all those girl flowers were pollinated right proper).
Wee Little Pumpkin
The peppers look great.  I hope they ripen into pretty red peppers, but I'll take green ones if the weather doesn't cooperate.
Green Peppers
And we even managed some melons!  Not sure when these babies will fully ripen as the nights have gotten cool. 
Wee Melon
Yup, its been a bountiful season.  :)

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