Sunday, September 9, 2012

About the Ripping . . .

Sometimes you have no choice but to rip out.  And no matter what, it always feels disheartening, even if you know you've made the right decision.
Prior to Ripping
My Garter Surprise must have had an error in the pattern 'cuz Block 9 called for 54 plus 54 stitches which was completely off (it should have been 63 plus 63 stitches for a total of 126).  In any case, I didn't like the off-centered colour block that had resulted; it had to be more even (like the version in the book pictured below).  
Original Baby Garter Surprise
So sadly I ripped.  Thankfully it looks better now (sorry for not having an updated photo).  This block will take time to finish 'cuz it requires 54 ridges (that's over 100 rows!).  Hopefully by working on it each evening, I'll make some headway.

As for my Soleil Tank, adding length didn't quite look right upside down.  So it too had to go "rip, rip, rip".  
Messed Up Lace
Since restarting and working the lace pattern as written, the addition looks soooo much better.  I'm hoping to work enough lace repeats so I've got enough length.  Then I'll finish off with a garter edging.
Better Looking Lace 
For me, following my "gut" and ripping out worked out well.  How about you? Ever had to rip out something that you've been working on for a long time?   I'm sure we've all done it.   


  1. I've ripped entire sweaters and re-knit them. I'm crazy like that...

    1. An entire sweater? I did that once, except I only ripped out 2/3's. The re-done sweater looked better on my ample frame.

      Maybe all knitters are a wee bit crazy . . . LOL

  2. Oh, it's painful at the time but when it comes out right, I find I have no regrets!

    1. Yes it is painful at the time, but you're right that it feels better in the end, especially if it turn out right.

  3. You're both right. It's always better to rip out, especially when it does turn out right in the end. If the Yarn Harlot can do it, then so can I! LOL


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