Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Amigurumi

Yup, still crochetin'.  And still makin' more amigurumi.  This time I'm making a cute little Toadette.  I just love how happy--and pink--she is.  She exudes such joy.
The Real Toadette
Most of her body parts are complete--except for the little balls needed to create her braid.  I'm hoping to get her stuffed and assembled during the week.
Yarny Toadette in Pieces
I've used this pattern before to make a pair of Toads for my boys a few years ago.  Perhaps you may remember these little fellas:
The Toads
Recently those Toads have started blogging 'bout their adventures in the farmhouse and living in the country Please check out their blog called Mushrooms and Octopi.   It's rather silly, but me and the boys get a kick out of reading it.

Strangely enough Toadette will be a wee bit smaller than the Toads.  For some reason I'm using a smaller hook.  Instead of 5.0mm used in the original project, I'm using 4.0mm.  Even though I'm using essentially similar yarn, the smaller hook size has changed my gauge--go figure how gauge can do that.
Waiting to be Assembled
Originally I'd used Red Heart Super Saver for the Toads.  I'm still using that yarn in the tan, but the rest is being done with Bernat Baby Cakes (sadly this yarn looks like its discontinued).  I definitely recommend a cotton or cotton-blend for amigurumi as it is less likely to pill.  Plain ol' acrylic generally works well unless the recipient will hug their toy.  All that lovin' eventually leads to pills.  Some acrylics are better than others, but best to use a cotton or cotton blend (FYI: Cthulhu is all cotton-blend although I suspect he won't get hugged too much--although maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe hubby gives him hugs when I'm not looking . . . ).

By the way, the pattern is a free one designed by Linda Potts (aka WolfDreamer).  Check it out over at Ravelry or go directly to the website Wolfdreamer where the designer has lots of other Mario and Pokemon characters for the intrepid crocheter.  Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Here's hoping there's a new critter in the family come next week. ;)


  1. cute -- stuffies are quite addictive to make, aren't they? Says she who has rabbits and lions and what not sitting around too cute to part with.

  2. Are they ever addictive! Especially when there are so many wonderful free designs out there . . . and so many requests too, LOL.


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