Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring . . . .

Yup, spring is coming.  And although I didn't get 'round to planting bulbs last fall (too busy with the move and the unpacking), a few pretty flowers have sprouted.
Crocuses in Grass
Rest assured I'll be planting plenty of bulbs come this fall.  It's certainly been fun dreaming and planning 'bout the big flower bed out front.

I noticed a few other things growing 'round the yarn.  Don't recognize the blue flowers below.  They look almost purple-blue and are star-shaped.
Mystery Flower
And I'm not sure what's sprouting here.  I seriously doubt they're tulips 'cuz the leaves are lighter in colour and thicker . . . I'll be watching closely.
Mystery Plant
Sadly I have done little crafting this weekend (although my socks and amigurumi are almost done).  I managed to dig up a million rocks in the front flower bed; hung clothes on the line outside; finished some overdue paperwork for work and managed to finish my taxes and hubby's without having a brain implosion.

Hope your weekend was a good one too. :)

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