Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little Crochet

I've been busy with me hook.  First off, meet my newest friend: Toadette.  I opted not to give her a vest.  And I used little buttons painted black for eyes.  Essentially she's finished except for the braids--they're so small and fiddly, but she'll get them nevertheless.  In fact there are little people in the house who will ensure she gets properly finished.
She's a wee bit smaller than the other Toads I've made.  Checking Ravelry, I noticed my previous projects used a larger hook..  So I started another Toadette using a larger hook.

This second Toadette is gonna be a lovely raspberry colour.  Resorted to using Patons Classic Wool 'cuz I couldn't find anything comparable in cotton (and I wasn't sure I wanted to use acrylic--I know.  My name is acrylic-girl.  Go figure).  Haven't quite finished all the pieces, although all the major components are complete.
Toadette the Second
I probably would have finished it if not for another project.  One of my co-workers is expecting a baby girl soon.  So I started a baby project: a wee hat and matching booties.  I tried one hat pattern that sadly turned out too big.  On the plus side it fit my niece rather well.  Happy someone will use it.
Toddler/Preschool Summer Hat
The hat is a free pattern called "Rose is Rose" over at Pickles & Ice Cream.  I'm sure the pattern could be easily adjusted to fit a newborn head, but I wasn't prepared to do the math.

Instead I opted to try another free pattern (Ravelry link) called McKinley's Springtime Hat.  Thus far it is working out much smaller than the previous one.  So I'm hoping this pattern will be a good newborn size.
Newborn Hat
Once I finish the hat, I'll tackle the booties.  Hopefully I can then finish my Toadette.  And after that, I can tackle the rest of the amigurumi requests . . . whew!

Have a great week. :)

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