Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ack! An Evil FO

They said it couldn't be done . . .nay it shouldn't be done.  But did I listen? No, I tarried on and hooked till my wee fingers were sore.  Terrible wing instructions?  No worries.  I hooked and unraveled till I got it just right.  And then slowly the thing began to take shape.

First it looked like a green bowling pin--an evil bowling pin with beady eyes and evil eyebrows.
Evil Bowling Pin?
Then it grew tentacles and legs.  And the horror of its evilness became evident.
Bowling Pin with Tentacles?
While it sat unarmed, I felt a wee bit safe . . . just a little.  And then it happened: the thing grew arms!
Oh horror of horrors! Now it was ready to fill the house with its evilness--well maybe not the whole house; perhaps just the computer area.

Say hello to Cthulhu.  Isn't he frightening in all his wee little cuteness! Ha!  My hubby just loves him to pieces (and he's waited such a long time for it).
Cthulhu protecting the computer--and hubby
His purpose: to protect the area in and 'round the computer and all things therein. Hurray for evil FOs! ;)


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