Sunday, May 6, 2012

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

So many babies . . . so many baby knits!  Remember I mentioned a co-worker was pregnant?  I managed to finish the baby hat for her yet-to-be-born baby girl.  I like the pink trim along the edge.  The plan is to add a pink flower. 
Crochet Hat
I also crocheted matching booties in white.  The pattern came from the Bernat website (you have to register with Bernat to access their patterns; however, once you save a pattern to your username, you still have access to the pattern even if Bernat takes it off their main website).  It was a surprisingly easy pattern as well as a quick project (I was able to finish one bootie in one night). To match the hat, I think I'll add a little pink trim along the edge.

Crochet Booties
I also decided to make a strawberry hat with matching pink shoes---for no reason other than just 'cuz.  I have yet to make the shoes, but the pattern comes from a Bernat booklet (Ravelry link) for Baby Cakes which I suspect would be hard to find as the yarn is now discontinued (still disappointed about that).
Pink Shoes
The "matching" pink hat is a free online pattern from the blog Random Stitches.  The hat is so cute.  The only change I made was to add a ribbed brim instead of a rolled one.

Baby Hat

Top View
The nice thing about baby knits is that besides being super cute, the projects are often quick too.  And I can confidently say that there will be plenty of baby knits in my future (and no they won't be my babies; my baby days are over).  There'll be new babies in the family come fall, so I'll be busy with more booties and hats . . . babies, babies everywhere!


  1. yes, it's baby days over here too - I love how fast they go and so many cute patterns out there. Your hats and booties are adorable!

  2. Thanks :) And you're right Wool-free: there are so many cute patterns out there. Bonus that they work up quickly.


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