Sunday, March 4, 2012

And Now for Something Different

Some knitting going on--mostly at naptime and mostly on my sock.  There are a few inches left to go.  My sock is almost done--almost.  But I won't bore you with any pictures since it'll be hard to see any changes from last week.

New Crochet
Meanwhile I've taken up my hook to work on a green critter.  Its something my hubby had requested in the summer.  When visiting Toronto we saw a crocheted cthulhu selling for about $20 in a comic book store.  I told hubby to keep his money'cuz I'd be able to make one for him that would be bigger and quite possibly better looking than the version at the comic book store. I already had a nice green acrylic-cotton blend in my stash (Bernat Baby Cakes--leftovers from a watermelon cardigan I made a while ago).
Close-up of Cthulhu's Head
So here I am several months later bringing to life an unspeakable ancient evil . . . should I be a little scared?

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