Saturday, October 29, 2011

And Now for Some Knitting . . .

What?  Knitting on a knitting blog?!  Have I gone mad? 

But seriously, I managed some knitting this week.  With the sale of our mini-home finalized, all the cleaning is out of the way (yay! :D).  Its hard work cleaning out one's accumulated dirt and grime; after all, it took almost 14 years to build up to appreciable levels.).   
Bohus Fitting
With the added crafting time, my Bohus Redux has grown: added some waist-shaping as I slowly work towards the cable-ribbed hem.  Thus far, the fit is quite nice.   
This is actually the first time I've tried it on (so much for trying-on as I go-along).  I must confess that from the start I had a good feeling about this project--much better feelings than my first attempt at the Bohus.  And as it turns out, my guts were spot on: it fits great!  Very pleased with this one (rest assured I'm taking copious notes so that I can post the pattern to this site before the end of the year).
Phentex Slippers
I've also returned to my hubby's slipper.  His old pair are dying--thanks in part to Patches, our cat.  She's a cute kitty, but is terribly fascinated by slippers and paper cards (the kind you find in magazines for subscriptions).
Patches' Favorite Napping Spot
And is it normal for a kitty to play "attack cat"?  Contrary to the above pic, our kitty seems super-energized--especially after a meal.  I'm guessing its normal  kitty behaviour.  Perhaps I should consult a cat-care book (seeing as I'm typing this at the local library, I should head over to the stacks pronto.  At the library?  Yes, I'm still without internet access at home, so I'm having to drive into town to hit all the wi-fi hot spots  . . :S)

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. I think she's cute too--except when she's attacking my leg ninja-style, LOL!


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