Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slow Progression

Whether it be crochet or knitting, my crafting life moves slowly  . . . but there is progression.
Pinwheel Blanket

My pinwheel blanket is now just a wee bit bigger than a 12" pizza and I've passed the halfway mark at well over 270 stitches (Target size: 450 stitches).  Some of the ladies at knit club have already finished theirs (although some of them had a head-start--just sayin').  Nothing like peer pressure to spur one on.

Slipper Progress

My husband's slippers . . . not much new there.  Other projects have come first.  And now they are truly on the back burner 'cuz the gift knitting has begun.  
The Start of a Christmas Gift
Cast on for a girly skull hat this morning and am now starting the decreases (click on my Ravelry project link in the sidebar to see more details).  It's a wee bit big for its intended recipient, but I think it will still be appreciated.

Almost-Finished Girly Skull Hat

As for my Bernat CAL, progress continues.  Although I didn't quite finish all of the mitered squares, I'm up-to-date with all the other squares.  I'm not sure about the projected due date (some time in December perhaps?).  Hope that will be finished for Christmas.

A Few of My Crocheted Squares
Sometimes I feel as if there's too much on the go.  How did the two-project gal end up committing to so much?  Too ambitious?  Unrealistic goals?  Maybe I over-estimated my knitting speed?  How did I manage to make so much last year?  Perhaps I need to re-evaluate my goals--and how I spend my time . . . for now, I'd best get back to finishing something. 

Here's hoping your week is filled with crafting goodness. :)


  1. Wow, you sure are busy! Talk about peer pressure. LOL. My Pinwheel progress has been stalled recently. But, I'll soon be back at it! I love your funky skull hat.

    The Phentex slippers provide me with a bit of nostalgia, as I remember knitting them when I was a teen.

  2. LOL, I think I want to knit everything and then forget how little time there is (and that I knit slowly).

  3. Being 2 afghans behind the clock I have no advice --just keep your head down and keep knitting and hopefully it all be done on time!

  4. Sage advice Wool-Free, LOL. Just keep knittin' . . .


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