Saturday, April 4, 2015

And Then There Was . . .

A slipper!  Not an ordinary slipper, but one made with love and care.  For someone special. ;)
First slipper--all finished!
My hubby tried on the first one and it fit--quite well, I might add.  So I proceeded with the second one and actually finished all the knitting.  I just need to seam it and weave in the ends.
Almost two slippers--almost . . . 
Sadly I have been unable to muster up the energy or the time to finish the last bits.  I'm swamped with school work--right up to the end.  I'm looking at April 22 with great joy--it's my official "end date".  Then I'll be free to  knit to my heart's content. Three more weeks . . . 

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