Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Winter's Tam . . .

It's still winter in my part of the world (honestly, I cannot begin to tell you how sick I am of winter.  If I see another snowflake, I swear I'm gonna scream!!).  The only good part about the chilly weather is the necessity for winter gear.  That's right!  I've got a lovely tam--a colourful tam!
Finished Tam
I just love the colours!  It's cheery and looks great with my coat (I still can't believe how well the hat colours match up with the coat).  My only complaint is that the hat is a wee bit loose--that may be the fault of the corrugated ribbing.   If I make another version (and I may very well try another), I may have to substitute with real ribbing that's more stretchy or subtract a few repeats for a snugger fit.
Wearing the Tam
I must confess that my fondness for the pattern has inspired me to use the chart for a matching cowl.  I cast on but have yet to start the colour portion.  
Beginning of Matching Cowl
Maybe winter is waiting for me to finish and then spring will start in earnest?  Ha!  Maybe not . . . 

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