Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Diversion . . .

Bernat Twist & Twirl
So while I had been making slow progress on my costume Bombshell, I was distracted with a couple of side projects.  It's hard to say no when someone asks for a knitted item--especially a project that's supposed to be quick and easy.
Red Heart Boutique Sashay
Like the nice frilly scarves?  Finally got 'round to using ribbon yarn (even though I swore to never use novelty yarn again).  A co-worker bragged 'bout how a non-knitting family member had made scarves using the stuff.  I don't need no stinking "easy" ribbon yarn!  I already know how to knit!
Metallic Grey
However, the challenge beckoned me . . . To wit, two yarns caught my eye: the Bernat Twist & Twirl and Red Heart Boutique Sashay.  My verdict: first watch a video demonstration--tons available on You-tube.  Then, practise.  You are still knitting, but only into the top of the ribbon loop.  As such, it takes a little while to get into the "grove"--the rhythm if you will.  Since only a section of the ribbon is used, the rest is left free to twist and twirl, thereby creating the frill portion of the scarf.
Black and White
Once you find "your grove", the project grows quickly.  And yes, one ball is sufficient for one scarf.  The recipient was super pleased with her scarves.  Nice to be appreciated. ;)

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