Saturday, August 10, 2013

What Time Is It?

Adventure Time Opening Sequence
Why it's Adventure Time!  Ha, ha!  It's one of my favourite cartoons--very strange, but interesting and very original.

Remember last year's Hal-Con?  It was our first and we were quite impressed with all the costumes.  So we decided to dress up for this year's Hal-Con  (check out this year's events and guests).  
Princess Bubblegum
I've decided to dress up as Princess Bubblegum (who happens to be one of the characters on Adventure Time . . . now the intro makes so much sense).  Living in a small town means the search for supplies will be challenging.  I'm hoping to make my own wig and outfit: knitted top and simple pink skirt sewn from matching fabric.
Not a Hat!  Beginnings of a Wig
So far I've made good progress on the wig.  The pattern is a free one from the Lion Brand website (you can find the pattern link and helpful mods over at Ravlery). Basically the crocheted open-work cap gets filled in with "hair" (otherwise known as yarn).
Pink Stash
Scrounging 'round the stash netted lots of pink: nothing in any significant yardage, so I may have to go on a search . . . 
A Really Big Ball of Pink
I did, however, find raspberry yarn for the top over at Walmart (and yes, it is acrylic).  I'm hoping to use Stefanie Japel's Bombshell pattern from Big Girl Knits.  It's a pattern I've made before, so I'm confident I can complete the project . . . but will it be done on time?  Only time will tell.  I'll keep you posted.

Till next time . . . . 

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