Sunday, June 9, 2013

Keeping My Promises . . .

I had promised myself to finish some long-standing WIPs.  And true to my word, I have begun doing that.
Back in the knitting basket is my 2010 Mystery Afghan Crochet-along.  Back then, I was still blogging for Bernat.  I probably should have stayed away from the project as I had other things on-the-go at the time, but who could say no to free yarn?  Yup, Bernat was kind enough to provide the yarn gratis to their bloggers if they were interested in completing the project.  So I said yes . . . and I am still working on it three years later.
Lucky for me, I have all the squares completed except for two mitered squares.  Thus far my work has focused on sewing: I'm slowly attaching the squares--some of which need a little coaxing into shape.  I'm weaving in some of the ends too, but its such tedious work! So many ends!!

Still, I can see the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel".  If I stick to my guns--so to speak--I may just have a finished afghan by the end of the summer.

Later . . . 


  1. jealous of how far along you are -- but yeah, the joining can be very tedious -- but stick with it -- looks like you'll have a beautiful blanket in the end!

  2. It looks fantastic! I'm sure you'll have it finished in no time.

  3. Thanks for the good vibes . . . will try my best to finish. :)

  4. do you still have this pattern? im looking for it EVERYWHERE and the pattern has been taken down. I can only find finished products. I really want to make this though!!!!!

    1. I checked on Ravelry and you're right the pattern is gone. Not sure where mine ended up. I wonder if you could find the pattern through the way-Back Machine . . . .

    2. Hi Anonymous,
      I used the Way-Back Machine to find some links for some of the clues:
      If you scroll at the sidebar you will find clues 1 & 2, but not sure if you can find more.

    3. Here is a better link with all the clues listed. I hope the links still work.


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