Saturday, June 29, 2013

About Those Dishcloths . . .

It may seem as if there's been very little crafting at casa d'Acrylic-Girl with all the gardening (did you read last week's post?).    But I have managed to find some crafting time--as little as it might be.  What little precious time I have has been spent working on more dishcloths of course!
Notice the ends?  Yeah, I have yet to weave in the multitude of ends **sigh** Guess its the trade-off for using lots of colour (besides, some of the colours I'm using are only small amounts). 
Besides the ballband dishcloths, I made a few more using my own pattern.  In the green-blue version pictured above, I added a navy border using intarsia.  In the white-blue version, I varied the pattern.  Instead of the typical slip and knit stitch, I used the eye of partridge stitch where the slip and knit stitches are alternated each row.

And then I saw some awesome dishcloths over at Purl Soho blog.  All three patterns utilize  slipped stitches to create a thick yet colourful fabric.  While all three patterns look interesting, only the third pattern actually caught my eye.  The Triple L Tweed Dishcoth has a lovely texture created with three colours.
Since the original patterns called for a DK weight, I had to modify the stitch count for my worsted cotton.  Instead of the original 76 called for, I cast on 36 stitches and followed the pattern as written.  My attempt didn't quite look like the version pictured.
What do you think?  Doesn't it look different?  I worked a few rows of multi-coloured garter and then adjusted the pattern using 33 stitches plus 2 (one for each end as selvage since my plan was to pick up stitches and work a few rows of garter).  This means I eliminated the first 3-stitch section of the pattern (I'll post my mods when I'm finished).
I'm not sure the changes worked . . . I'll keep you posted. ;)

Later . . . 

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