Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inheriting a Garden . . .

When the weather calls for sunshine, we have spent our time outdoors.  There's been lots to do: new pens for the animals (more meat birds to come, along with a few turkeys and pigs--yeah, that's plural as in more than one pig.  And yes, baby turkeys are cute, but we all know that won't last).
New Turkeys
And of course, there is much to do elsewhere.  Mowing is no small feat as it takes at least a good three hours or more to trim all the open spaces (front, back and side areas).  We've been using a gas-powered push-mower, but we seriously need to consider a ride-on mower.  There's just too much grass!  And it doesn't help that we've slowly re-claimed much of the fields that were once wild.
Part of Front Lawn
As for gardening, the fellas have been busy putting in the vegetable garden.  It's a lot of work even with a tiller.  And the weather has been less than cooperative with all the rain.  Still, as the beds get prepared, the seeds and seedlings get planted.
Veggie Garden
As for myself, I garden for the soul so my energies have focused on the flower garden.  There's nothing like watching the perennials come up after a long winter.  Then there's the trimming and weeding (I still have to add to the soil--need more compost and sheep manure).  Of course, there`s the shopping and planting.  Oh joy!  There's nothing like finding the right plants and watching them take root.
Front Flower Garden
Perennials Under the Flowering Bush
I even added a new flower bed by the front deck (digging up sod is hard work).  I planted sunflowers and wildflowers, so I'm excited to see what sprouts.
New Flower Bed
Flower Box Detail
How 'bout you?  How does your garden grow?

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