Sunday, November 18, 2012

And Now for Some Knitting (and Crochet) . . .

Looking back on my posts for the last couple weeks, I realized there hasn't been much knitting content--in fact, no mention of crafts!  For shame!  'Cuz there has been knitting--much knitting!  
Meet Shroomy
First, meet my lovely new assistant, Shroomy.  She's a bit of a noob, so her sister Toadette is showing her "the ropes", so to speak.  I know Shroomy is missing her spots and her braids, but the wee one is finished as far as I'm concerned (maybe over the holidays, Santa could drop off a few spots and braids--maybe).
Two Sisters
And a new friend patiently awaits his tentacles.  I've got two done and am working on a third.  Since I'm working in the round, it's been a bit of a pain trying to remember how to avoid that dreaded colour jog . . . 
An octopus with his tentacles
The process works the same for either method: work one round with the new colour.  With the one on the left (below), I slipped the first stitch and then worked the round as usual.  With the right one, I picked up the stitch below and worked that with the first stitch.  Which one looks better?
Which looks better?
I prefer the one on the right 'cuz it doesn't leave any loose stitches (not visible from photo).  I just have to be careful how I pick up the stitch below so that it doesn't get twisted.  In the end it won't matter too much 'cuz the "seam" will be facing inward.

I also finished one big project (psst, its the Garter Surprise), but I think I'll wait before posting FO photos here (although you are more than welcome to check it out at my Ravelry project page [Rav link]).
Ball Band Dishcloth
I even managed to cast-on and finish another project: the ball band dishcloth(free pattern link at Ravelry).  That pattern has been sitting in my queue since forever!  I've been meaning to try it out and finally succumbed (mainly 'cuz while searching through the stash, I came across lots of leftover Bernat Handicrafter Cotton).
Lovely Dishcloth
The pattern is easy enough to follow.  I used the finished dishcloth this morning and it didn't stretch out too much when wet.  Of course I used the wrong size needles, so to compensate I cast on six less stitches than called for in the pattern.  Me thinks I'll make more . . . ;)

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