Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Crafty Goodness . . .

Now that my course is finished (it really is a relief to go into an exam knowing that you can still pass even if you fail it), I can focus on some languishing projects. I've got about 2-3 weeks before my next course starts up, so I want to use my time wisely.

First off, I finally finished my wee minion.
Isn't he cute?  You may recall his inauspicious start back in June.  Then I started a sock and before I knew it, I was knee-deep in child psychology.  My minion languished until yesterday. Surprisingly I only had a few pieces left to make.   And the assembly was relatively easy.  My only change to the pattern was to add a little side smile to my minion's face.

Perusing my Ravlery project page, I found more WIPs.  Remember that red sock? It's mate has been started; it'll be my "take-along" project 'cuz my Garter Surprise is too big to carry (and happily I'm on block 8).  There are a few more WIPs to get through: another Toadette, a tank top and maybe even my long languishing Bohus Redux.  It'll feel good to cross off some of these projects off my list.

For due diligence I rewarded myself with some yummy yarn.  Over the summer we'd visited a couple of yarn shops and I finally succumbed.  I picked up some lovely bamboo stuff.  
Wendy's Happy Bamboo Yarn
Isn't the colour pretty (it's a more deeper blue).  My plan is to make a pretty shawl . . . some day ;)

I'm back at work next week, so here's hoping we both have a great week!

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