Sunday, June 24, 2012

Get Crafting

So says the cat.  
Patches the Cat
I'm doing the best I can, but my time has been occupied elsewhere.  And it'll only get worse as I start my course next week . . . 

Meanwhile, I did go to knit night where I worked on my sock (and we lamented the decreasing yardage in Patons Kroy).  Slowly but surely I am working my way to the toes (and I better have enough yarn or I'll be very, very cross).
Sock in Progress
And although I have assembled all the pieces of Toadette, there are a few pieces that need making before I can finish her (although that hasn't stopped me from using her on my boys' blog Mushrooms and Octopi.  We have fun working on it together).
Toadette#2 in Progress
On top of all that, I started another project--and not 'cuz I wanted to.  This was a project of necessity.  I need new slippers.  All my other lovely slippers have holes in the soles.  No one else has holey slippers.  Just me.  Maybe I'm too rough on my feet . . . 
Slippers in Progress
I'm none too pleased with my seaming technique, but I don't think these slippers will last long.  Maybe I need to sew on  some sort of leather or leather-like sole to the bottom . . . I'm thinking about it.
One Finished Slipper
Guess I'd better listen to cat and get back to crafting.  Have a good week.


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