Sunday, June 3, 2012


So we've been working on the veggie garden and I've been adding perennials to the flower garden.  But I haven't neglected my crafts.  There's still craftiness over at casa d'Acrylic-girl--it just happens in short spurts.

First off, I started a new project for no reason other than I wanted to.  I bought Patons Kroy on sale a few weeks back (not that I need more sock yarn); it's a pretty stripey red colour.  I finally cast on this week.
New Sock Project
I've used this pattern before: its Ladies Vintage Ribbed Socks from Vogue.  And yes, it is a cuff down pattern (I tired of the toe-up).  My previous attempt at this pattern netted a well-fitting pair of socks.

Since I had previously used 2.25mm dpn's, I was hoping to pick up a couple of circulars in the same size.  I prefer socks on two circulars.  Do you think I could find needles in that size?  I looked online and had a hard time finding them on a Canadian website.  Thankfully my in-laws were travelling to the city and kindly dropped into a yarn shop; sadly they only bought one circular.  I need two . . . So new plan: work the leg with dpn's and then switch to a combo of circular and dpn for the foot--unless I find something suitable.

In crochet news, my work progresses slowly.  Did you figure out the identity of the yellow object?  I've added more parts to it.  
Does it look familiar now?  It's a minion (from the movie Despicable Me).  It's a free pattern from Wolfdreamer.  I've used her patterns before and they are well written with stitch counts and ample directions.

Hope you had a crafty weekend.  
Later,  :)

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