Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Farm

Gardening Tools
We're busy here on our little patch (remember when the field got plowed?).  Now we're in the process of tilling, removing rocks and mixing in soil.  It's time-consuming to get everything established, but well worth the effort (come see me in the fall when we've collected our bounty--provided the local bunnies haven't nibbled everything).
Tilling the soil
Picking out the big rocks
 And of course I have to share the apple blossoms!  We have approximately 50-60 apple trees on the property.  We've begun pruning some of the ones we'd like to bring back into production.  The blossoms have just begun to bloom--and they are just lovely!
Blossom Detail
Aren't the pink and white flowers pretty?  And everything else is slowly getting green and lush.  Thankfully this year we've been blessed with beautiful spring weather.
More apple blossoms
Have a great weekend!

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