Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back . . .

Sparkling Star
Hope 2012 proves to be better than 2011.  At the time I refrained from mentioning too much here, but it was a bugger of  a year for me.  I started off last year recovering from a weird ailment that initially sent me to the ER.  Then my son had a scary trip to the ER (he now carries an EpiPen due to tree nut allergies).  Coupled with other stresses, I found myself experiencing insomnia and frequent anxiety attacks . . .  Without boring you with all the details, it was a long journey back to normalcy.  It was capped off with a summer trip to Toronto and a move to the farm house.
Holiday Star
So right now I am feeling thankful for all that I do have, especially for all the good people in my life.  May the new year bring many more blessings.  

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  1. Wishing you a peaceful and wonderful 2012! Happy new year.


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