Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Cheer

So we got our tree last weekend.
Cutting Down the Tree
No shortage of trees in our neck of the woods.  In fact we know a few Christmas tree farmers (including our neighbour).  So we ventured onto such a lot in search of the perfect Christmas tree (surely you too have engaged in such a quest at one time or another).  After perusing the stock, we finally picked our wee tree: perfect shape with adequate fullness.  It was actually kinda neat to watch the farmer cut her down.  And we knew our tree would be uber-fresh.  Ha!
Tree with Lights

Isn't it always the way:  you think the tree is a wee bit small, but when you shove it into place, you realize that perhaps you've got something just a wee bit too big.  Never fails. Still, it looked pretty with the lights.
Decorated Tree
And she looked even prettier with all the homemade decorations and trinkets--just lovely!  Now if only we can convince the cat to stop stealing my beloved knitted balls and to refrain from eating the pretty wrapping paper (why do cats love paper?).  Me thinks the presents will go under the tree on Christmas Eve--just to minimize any possible damage (to the gifts and quite possibly to the cat).
Kids' Tree
Oh and as an added bonus, the tree farmer gave us a wee tree for the kids.  Now their little play space is decorated too.  :)


  1. We used to go to the tree farm to get our tree but we had to chop it down ourselves -- how times have changed. I had to laugh because when I saw the picture of your tree on the farm I thought -- I hope they have a big room for that tree. ( :
    Merry Christmas!

  2. We were ready to chop it ourselves, but since the farmer was on-site cutting other trees anyways, he gave us a hand.

    Have a good Christmas Wool-Free


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