Monday, December 12, 2011

Faux-Thrum Mittens Revisited

Beginnings of Mitten
And revised.  Its been almost a year since I last looked at my Faux-Thrum mitten pattern.  And with the weather getting colder, I'd been itching to make a pair for my son.  With only one size in the original pattern, I've had to re-work the sizing.  More important, I'm re-checking my instructions.  After all, if I can't figure out my own directions, I can't expect some one else to understand, right?
Weaving in Ends on First Mitt
So as of yesterday afternoon, my mitten pattern has been revised and corrected (sadly I found a couple of typos, but at least I re-checked the numbers).  Hopefully there are no more errors.

Happy knitting :)

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