Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Whimsy

My Niece and Her Freshly Picked Flowers
Whilst summer is here, enjoy the warmth, the light and the bounty: smell the sweet scent of wildflowers wafting in the breeze; listen to the enchanting calls of feathered friends; blow bubbles and watch them float away; savour the sugary sweetness of a popsicle as it drips past your chin.  Yeah, summertime is the best.

Nova Scotian Wildflowers

One weekend, I picked wildflowers with my niece.  We found daisies, clover, buttercups and other purple varieties I haven't been able to identify yet.  Aren't they just lovely!  Most people consider them weeds, but really they're wildflowers.  Just because they grow where you don't want them, doesn't mean they're any less beautiful or less fragrant than something planned (dare you to stand near wild roses and not succumb to the intoxicating fragrance).  Maybe sometimes we just need to see the world through the eyes of a three year old. 

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