Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rainy Days

Have I mentioned that summer keeps stalling over here on the east coast: lots of clouds, rain and cool temps (I blame global warming for shifting the position of the jet stream.  It used to lie just past our shores so that only Newfoundland got crappy weather.  Now the jet stream is further inland and we're getting the crappy Newfoundland weather. Ugh!).
Freshly Baked Choco-Chip Oatmeal Cookies

So in honour of rainy days, I'm baking cookies (chocolate chip oatmeal--yum!), watching movies (yup, Lord of the Rings which our boys are enjoying for the first time) and knittin' so much that the first sleeve of my Bohus is almost done.

Fave Movie Eva!

By the way, I had to share: when baking I usually wear an apron 'cuz invariably I get flour and grease all over myself (try as I might, I can be very messy.  Notice the grease and flour stains?).  
First Sewing Project
I made this apron eons ago (and I do mean eons).  It was after 5th grade, over the summer, at a special arts and crafts program for "gifted" children (Yes, its true.  I was sorta brainy and nerdy during my early years at school--not a la Lisa Simpson or Martin Prince, but no Milhouse either).  I still wear my beloved apron 'cuz, after all, I made it with me own two hands.

Have a great crafty weekend! :D

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