Thursday, July 21, 2011

Progress and Maybe Something Else?

Yup, I couldn't resist casting on for the body (I'll get to the second sleeve eventually).  My mods thus far include casting on 206 stitches (I subtracted the 10 stitches for steeking 'cuz I'm working it back and forth).  So far so good.  I should probably use another circular needle to spread out my work and measure the width.

Bottom Ribbing-Cables of Bohus

With vacation coming up, I hope I'll be able to work on the Bohus and thus complete much of the body.  I'll be flying out to visit family (haven't seen them in 'bout 4 years--that's a long time!).  I'm wary of taking metal needles in my carry-on baggage (even though the airline's website says its okay to take knitting needles); instead I'll work on a scarf or shawlette in-flight (What?  Another project?  Aren't there enough WIPs 'round the house?).  My reasoning is that bamboo circulars are less likely to be confiscated (being that since bamboo is not metal so the metal detectors won't go off--right?).

What yarn shall I use?  Last year I acquired some lovely Patons Angora Bamboo (about 5 balls) in brandy wine.  

Some Soft Angora Bamboo in Lovely Colour

So I've been eyeing projects that require less than 400 yards.  I've only a few days to find something suitable. 

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