Monday, June 20, 2011

Exploring Socks

Finished Worsted Socks
So I finally finished my second pair of ribby worsted socks (had the first sock done back in May).  I won't be able to wear them till the fall (of course with the finicky weather we're experiencing, I could be wearing them next week . . . ugh!). I really love the pattern--good basic ribbed sock and no fiddly kitchenered toes (although I must confess that grafting toes doesn't usually bother me; I've mastered the technique and have gotten quite proficient at it).  My only complaint is that I had some yarn leftover.  When working a sock from the cuff down, it's hard to gauge how long to make the cuff.  Afterall, who wants to run out of yarn? 

Sock Close-Up

So what's a gal to do if she wants to use up every last bit of yarn?  Me thinks the best solution lies in the toe-up sock.  The ubiquitous toe-up sock: oh, how I have resisted you at every turn!  The cuff-down sock is so comfortable and familiar.  Do I really have to learn something new?  To be honest, its a wee bit scary trying one's hand at unfamiliar techniques . . . but that extra yarn mocked me so!  After much searching of various patterns on Ravelry, I finally buckled down and gave toe-up construction a try.

The Toes of a Toe-up Sock

Not bad for my first attempt (at least I think so).  There are some holes, but I think if I try again, I can eliminate them (I messed up the ssp).  Rest assured this will not become a sock.  It was just an experiment to see if I could indeed follow the directions.  The pattern is called "Treat for your Feet" and its from the book Knit on Down.  Instead of wrap-and-turn to create short-rows, it uses YOs (although at some point I will attempt a pattern that uses wrap-and-turn).
See the holes?
Its a significant first step for me (no pun intended).  Here's hoping the second attempt goes better.  :)

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