Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winter? Bah!

Seriously Mother Nature?  We just had a storm on Wednesday and now you hammer us with an even bigger storm?  Why?  Weekends were meant for relaxing or catching up with loved one and knitting--not for shoveling.
Buried world
Mother Nature, did you have to dump so much?  See that photo above.  There's a car buried under there in the background.  It took three hours to get it all cleaned up . . . whew!!
Car freed from the snow
Thankfully I had help from my boys.  So much muscle power!  Yay for muscles!
Helper No 1
And in case you thought I was exaggerating, check out the huge snow piles.  By the end, we were struggling to find places to put the white stuff.
Helper No 2
Here's hoping there's a break from shovelling for a little while . . . Now maybe I can get back to my knitting. ;)

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